Field of Knowing

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Field of Knowing

We are all connected.

‌I serve a vision infused with a larger purpose and my work shifts naturally from producing results to encouraging the growth of people who produce results.

‌We often walk around in our own little world not knowing how we are being affects all around us — in all the world.

‌I teach Authentic Communication Workshops. Before I go into a class I take a moment to remind myself that we are all connected. To pause and know that the perfect people are in the room. That the people in the room work with me to create a field of knowing for all to receive exactly what they are ready and able to receive.

‌The field of knowing could be understood as a shared energetic field or “group consciousness” that we can recognized and tap into. It can also be a consciousness that is created and sustained by the collective presence and intention of individuals who are gathered together for a common purpose. When individuals come together in this way, they can create a field of energy that enhances their collective awareness, intuition, and creativity

‌In this sense, the knowing field could be seen as a way of tapping into a deeper level of awareness and connection beyond the individual self, allowing for greater insights and understanding to emerge through the collective wisdom and consciousness of the group.

‌Here’s a practice. Take it on if it feels good to you. The next time you are gathering with a group, family, or business associates I encourage you to consider the field of knowing you are a part of. Before you arrive:

‌Take a deep breath in. As you do, become aware of all that is around you: the feeling of the chair on your bottom or the floor on your feet. The temperature of the air. The sounds of the florescent light bulbs humming, the clock ticking, the outside traffic passing by, your breath. I call this being in the presence; in the now. Then as you exhale take your focus into your body: put your focus below your belly button and become grounded in all that you are.

‌How does that feel? I’d love to hear how this works for you; what you notice.


  1. Danielle Slupesky

    I love this Barbara. Thank you for the reminder to engage in simple grounding practices prior to engaging with others. When I give myself a few moments to center and ground before connecting with other people, I find it much easier to remain present in my conversations and to “listen to hear” as opposed as to “listen to respond.” Thank you.

    • Barbara Dawson

      Thank you Danielle for your comment. Yes, it’s amazing the difference these small acts of awareness can make. I’m sure in your work with Conscious Crossroads that grounding is essential so you can be present to the people you serve. Barbara


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