“We dig deep and discover the change you seek.”

— Barbara & Dr. Norm Dawson

“We dig deep and discover the change you seek.”

— Barbara & Dr. Norm Dawson

We seek to inspire change in the lives we touch.

Look at social media, television, listen to the radio, what shows up is “what’s wrong” in the world. There’s a pill that will help you with psoriasis, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, ED, PCOS … anything that ails you. Does it really help you or does it make you worse? Is this really the way to win back your vitality, your aliveness, your health?

At Purple Mulch we seek to improve the quality of life for the people who choose health. We seek to empower people to transform their lives from one of tolerating the aging process to increasing energy and vitality and living with purpose and passion.

We invite and support you to  …

  • explore your beliefs related to your health and how it could improve
  • know that there is a better way
  • be more mindful as you choose the foods you eat, supplement or add nutrition
  • learn ways to improve your health, stay vital and enjoy life
  • take the baby steps that make long-term differences
  • commit to doing what will create a healthier, vital, vibrant quality of life

Dawson extended family.
L-R — Jamie, Keith, Hana, Norm, Barbara, Dan, Rebecca, SaraLouise, Eric

Your Ideal Life

“We provide a transformational system of coaching, nutrition and supplementation that changes people’s lives.”

Here at Purple Mulch we work with you from the ground up so you can live your ideal life. We will dig deep to discover the change you seek. We honor your expertise, experience and encourage you as we ask questions and listen to connect the dots.

We LOVE doing this work for 20+ years. We use nature as our model. We love to grow our own food and have a very robust garden. Before any plants go in the ground we know the most vital ingredient to a great harvest is great soil. The plants can only grow to the degree the soil is healthy. Additionally, there is an intelligence in every seed planted, that knows how to bear fruit. There is an innate intelligence living in every cell of our body. We call that Purple Mulch. We tap into that intelligence as we look with you, at the daily habits, lifestyle choices and work together for the changes you seek.

What we do at Purple Mulch...

  • Lead you to your ideal life
  • Support you in your transformation to better health
  • Ask questions, listen and make it about you
  • Make personalized recommendations based on your needs
  • We love what we do
  • We are your trusted advisors for transformational health

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Connect the dots ...

At Purple Mulch we address the discomfort of poor health. We provide a transformational system of education, coaching, and nutrition that changes people’s lives. We inquire, we listen  and we discover to empower you to connect the dots to your ideal life. We put a light on your needs and invite you to choose.

Innate intelligence

of the cell is where health and vitality begin. Even though you do your best to eat well you cannot obtain optimal nutrition from diet alone. To live life to the fullest, your body must work every day to overcome environmental stressors, toxins and contamination. Therefore, in this day and age supplementation is essential.