Educational Workshops

We seek to inspire change in the lives we touch.  One of the ways we do this is to offer educational classes and workshops. We find the people who attend our workshops are inspired to look at the various ways that health shows up and what they can do to influence the health of themselves or their family.  

Some of our most popular workshops are listed below. We can provide a keynote speech for organizations, companies or lunch-and-learns. We can also take these topics and provide 4-16 hour workshops. If you would like more details about these, please contact us.

  • Authentic Communication Skills Building:  In this course, the participants will experience the power, satisfaction and delight of purposeful and authentic communication. Learn how to build rapport quickly, increase your self-confidence, and strengthen relationships. Upon completion of this workshop, the participants will understand, have a working knowledge of, and a clear set of practiced skills to use to strategically create connections with others.
  • Hearing Loss and  Dementia – Use It or Lose It: People will often put up with a hearing loss for up to 10 years before realizing that they may be missing out on their relationship with family and friends. What many people do not realize is that when we don’t hear, part of our brain can atrophy and dementia can be acquired. In this talk, Dr. Norm discusses the ways to help improve hearing with current hearing devices. He also talks about how to overcome and exercise the brain so new neural pathways can be created to reduce the likelihood of dementia
  • Nutrition and Wellness: When many people think of nutrition they equate it with diet and meal planning. The role of nutrition comes into play when pharmeceuticals are consumed … did you know that statins remove at least two essential nutrients from our cells? We cover nutrition in a much more comprehensive and wholistic way. The role of macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, and the microbiome for long-term health. Creating healthy habits that make a difference. In this workshop, everything from consumption of food, hydration, exercise, supplementation and what to look for when purchasing supplements is covered. 

We are pleased to offer a complimentary initial telephone consultation in order to determine if our services are compatible with your needs and expectations. Please contact us to arrange a time for us to contact you.

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