Reap The Harvest of Your Conversations

by Oct 29, 2020Coaching2 comments

I have been listening to people for years. Listening. Helping others get clear on what was important to them. For years, I did not put a name to what I did. Not until I got the distinction between coaching and teaching.

Teaching is … I have a knowing and I’ll share it with you if you will be still long enough for me to talk.

Coaching is … I have a listening and I will share it with you if you will be open enough to speak your truths.

Notice the conversations you participate in.

What are you busy doing while in the space of being with another human being?

There is a Gift in speaking and listening.

There is Power in listening and speaking.

When we share our listening and speaking from the heart there is Love.

When we listen to let the other share and get clear, we are tapping into a greater Knowing.

When we listen for understanding, not to answer, reply or tell we are Valuing the other.

As a coach, I am aware of putting telling and teaching aside to trust the Other to get the meaning of what’s important to them.

Feelings arise —

We can celebrate them

Hear them and Be with them

Cherish them

Yes, asking questions, listening and Being with another is a gift.

As we enter this season where we celebrate the harvest, participate in family gatherings and remember traditions; my Ask of you is — practice giving the gift of listening. Notice what happens to your relationships as you do. Then please come back here and share your experience.  Let me listen.



  1. Darlene R Hess

    This is the best and most meaningful description of the difference between teaching and coaching I have ever read!
    —from Darlene at DRH Coaching

    • Barbara Dawson

      Hi Darlene, Thanks you! Wow! Coming from you, I take that as the highest compliment. 🙂 I appreciate your modeling great coaching. I learn so much from you.


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