Who Am I in This Scene?

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My husband and I went on a camping trip in southern Colorado a couple weeks ago. I took advantage of the amazing beauty of nature and spent some time journaling. As I sat beside the Conejos River, I asked myself the following question:

If I were this scene, what represents me best as a coach and what represents my client?

I see the tall cliffs that overlook the water  — observing from a distance — guards standing strong, sturdy and stable as Life grows and explores itself below.

I see the water — flowing in a loving and gentle way.

I see the boulders in the water — unconditionally  accepting the water as it flows by — creating an obstacle — a gentle obstacle which the water moves around as it observes itself along its journey in the river.

As coach, I am the boulder: patient, grounded, solid, listening deeply, observing, and asking questions that let the water slow down to explore the Self.  As I observe the water in this scene I can hear it pondering: “Where do I go? What is the best path? What is on the other side of this boulder?”

The water represents the client, I observe it. Up river it hits areas which cause it to move roughly, babbling through the river. As the water approaches the grouping of large boulders,  I watch it flow — some of it striking the boulders. The water slows and seems to pause as it moves into the center of the twelve boulders. The water rests. It’s reflective surface shines and reflects the light, the trees, the sky, and the boulders around it. After a moment, it moves on clear.

I resonated with this interpretation of the scene because people come to me while navigating their life pretty well. They have accomplished a lot. And on some level they feel stuck – or as if something is eluding them. I love to work with them as their wellness coach so they can experience a clearing as they move through their journey.

I work with smart, creative, gifted, self-realized women who have a higher calling, a higher purpose. They desire to step up and serve in a larger way. They strive for greatness and have a commitment for self responsibility. They want to be in relationship with a coach who can listen deeply and help them discover their insight and clarity as they move forward through their life. I give the gift of deep listening and clarifying questions. If you would like to explore further, let’s talk.


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