Focus Affects Emotions Which Affects Cellular Alignment

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As I write this post, I’m aware how easily I can get caught up and lost in the news and current events. For months it was not possible to look at the news, a social media platform, or talk to a friend without the conversation turning to Covid-19 and it’s implications. In the last week, since the death of George Floyd, the conversation has shifted to world events, protests, the cry for change and at times the feelings of helplessness to affect a powerful change.

It is my belief and my experience that where I put my focus affects my emotions. If I focus on my garden, my new guinea hens, my koi pond and my silly cat Beauregard laying beside the pond watching the fish — happy thoughts, enjoying the present moment, in the now thoughts — the effect is overall wellness. On the other hand, if my focus is on the horrors on the news, the polarization of politics, the looming threat of sickness and possible death from the Covid-19 virus, or the inhumane ways people treat each other — that also effects my overall health and wellness.

Fear, anxiety, worry, and uneasy emotions can effect our wellness which science is discovering starts with our cellular health. Every organ, muscle, vessel, and system in our body is composed of cells. Why would the cells not be impacted by the thoughts we think? Studies have shown that worry and anxiety can be linked to heart disease, stroke, ulcers, irritable bowl disease and others. Positive thoughts can also affect our immune system.

Alright! So we cannot be Polly Anna, and Ms. Goodie Two-Shoes all the time. And, yet we can re-direct our thinking to give our cells the best chance for healthy well-being? I love positive thoughts. One of the positive habits that I’ve chosen is that I’ve requested a daily quote to be dropped in my email from Abraham-Hicks Publications (the Author of the Law of Attraction). Another wonderful email I receive daily is the Word of the Day from A Network for Grateful Living.

What could change if you were to explore ways to shift your focus and perhaps allow more wonderful things to show up in your life? Let’s start with gratitude and abundance. Here are a few suggestions for self-coaching. Please add yours below:

  • Find a time each day to focus on what you are grateful for. An attitude of gratitude will bring more into view to be grateful for. You may have to start with something simple like … grateful I can read the words on the page. Koi Fish feeding
    Grateful I have a phone or a computer that brings this information to me. Grateful for the chair I’m sitting on. Grateful for my friends, family, neighbors, etc.


  • Focus on abundance. Again, you may want to start with something as simple as the abundance of the air molecules that I am breathing that sustains my life. The abundance of cells that make up my body. The abundance of the stars in the night sky.


I love to work with people who know they have the power to make a difference. Those who know they can do more by focusing on the power of positive energy.

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  1. Jody

    Great read.

    I am grateful to have read a page that lifted my thoughts today.

    Thank you!

    • Barbara

      Thank you Jody. I’m so glad you got great support for feeling good today.
      I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
      Warmest regards,


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