When Should I Hire A Coach?

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For many people, when deciding if hiring a coach is the right option, many questions can emerge. Most of those questions come from our belief system. A good coach can dig deep and shine a light on those beliefs to help you expand what possible in your life.

In my life, coaches have played a key role in helping me improve my self worth and in turn, my success. In this article, I’ll share some of the times I’ve hired coaches and exactly what they’ve helped me achieve.

It’s normal for you to be asking yourself the following key questions and wondering if this is the right time for you to hire a coach.

Many of the questions which people think and often will not ask are: 

  • Is it going to be expensive?
  • How to find a good coach?
  • Am I actually going to get results?
  • Is it going to be worth the money and time?


My life coaches …

My first coach was a self-made millionaire who I met through a spiritual center I belonged to. He had written a couple of books, had a successful business which he sold and retired from. I would meet with him weekly in a group meeting and do a weekly phone call session with him. He helped me shift my focus from doing and having the things that successful people have and do to Being the one to do and have the things I wanted. One of the questions he would ask me is “Who would you be Being if you were living the life you are working towards?” Today at 97 years of age, he is still writing, teaching and inspiring individuals to Be the solution.

About 5 years ago, I hired another coach. He was a CPA by profession and worked closely with his family to create systems that would help people be more efficient in business. I worked with him for about a year, doing a weekly phone call and focusing on what habits I needed to acquire that would not just improve my business but also to really establish habits that could create a retirement income. One of the big gifts of that coaching was that I truly established the habit of paying myself first. From him I also learned the power of setting up the bookends of my days.

One of my current coaches is a man who has been a successful personal franchisee for years. He is an author, a game creator, and coach that has walked the walk in the direct sales industry. He knows what it takes to be successful in business and has created systems anyone can use to get the results they are looking for. He is helping me track the activities that get results instead of just the results. He is compassionate and yet is able to point out the areas in my business and with my team that I need to focus on more to create the results I am seeking.

In addition to coaches, I am in two Mastermind groups. One specifically within my industry. The other with a group of two very powerful women who I’ve known for years. We get together almost weekly to allow our higher selves the space and freedom to create a world that works for everyone.

As you can see, I’ve invested in myself by gifting myself time with coaches and mentors. My experience with them has propelled me in a direction that works for me. The focus and the consistency of meeting with another is so powerful.


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