Bookending Your Sleep

by Aug 23, 2019Coaching0 comments

What would you do to improve your health in the following areas?

  • rebuild muscles

    We all know sleep is important, but did you ever think that how you bookend your sleep is also just as important?

  • clear plaque and other wastes from the brain
  • regulate emotions
  • appetite control
  • weight management
  • perform better during complex activities
  • help solve problems

What if you could to this while you sleep? Research shows that the average adult is healthiest when they spend 7-9 hours a day sleeping.  Let’s suppose that research is accurate.

How we spend our nights matters. Abraham / Ester Hicks, says “After sleep we wake up refreshed and start anew.”  Take care of your sleep time by creating best practices before and after you sleep, those are also called Bookends.


What’s your routine? Contact us and let us know how you bookend your sleep.


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