What is Coaching?

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So, what is coaching?

Coaching helps people identify and accomplish their personal and professional goals faster than they could on their own. Coaching helps people connect the dots between what they know they should do and what they are actually doing to get the results they want.

As a Coach with Purple Mulch here’s what we do:

  • we know you are the expert for you
  • we support you through the change process
  • we help you find your own answers
  • we focus on your agenda — personalized and flexible
  • not one size fits all

With our 22 years of experience, we can provide education or training when needed, however, what we find is that the accountability of a coach helps people follow-through and stick with the commitments that are so easily broken when just working with themselves or a significant other.


Here’s an example of someone we’ve worked with and the results they set up and accomplished through coaching.

Initially they came to us with:

  • gut discomfort issues: diarrhea and constipation with exhaustion
  • weight gain that puts the scale higher than ever in the past
  • between meals would experience weakness and shakiness
  • had back issues flare up
  • gluten sensitivity and other seasonal allergies
  • wanted to not struggle with what and when to eat
  • wanted to feel better

We then did an inventory of what was in the pantry, kitchen and the shopping list. They were already doing a good job of substituting gluten products, bread, buns etc. with available gluten-free options.

Overtime some of the other changes they suggested and incorporated into their routines included:

  • substituted cauliflower rice instead of white or brown rice
  • carrot chips and celery spears used to dip in guacamole or humus
  • substituted a smoothie for some of their meals
  • practiced intermittent fasting and eliminated cream of rice for breakfast
  • incorporated walking with a friend to increase their exercise

We met weekly and within 90 days saw an improvement in all areas that were their initial concern. With a checkup 30 days later, they were self-empowered to know when and what to eat and noticed the weight that had been released was staying off. They continue to follow the plan they established, have built some great new habits, and feel and look better.

The choices made while working with us were easier to maintain because the coachee made the suggestions. They knew their daily routines and built new habits that worked within their day-to-day activities.


Let us know if you’d like more information!



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