Researchers Say NO to Low Carb and Keto Diets. 

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Researchers Say NO to Low Carb and Keto Diets. How It Can Affect Your Lungs!

I got all excited a few years back about the Atkins diet. Oh boy, just eat mostly meat and a few carbs and I would lose the weight! I did! But it was boring after awhile. Now there are ketogenic diets, which are high protein, high fats, and low carbs. I tried that for a short while too. 

I have had several conversations about these diets and recently saw this article. Bottom line is, meats and other high protein foods cause an acidic environment in our body.  Plus this kind of diet denies and depletes your good nutrition. When that acid number is too high it causes INFLAMMATION. So if you are concerned about your breathing apparatus staying healthy, you want to keep inflammation low. Eating lots of meats and fats is NOT a low inflammation diet.

After you have read this article and are curious about what recommendations I suggest to keep your inflammation under control, email me.

To carb or not to carb? That has been the question, and the source of several polite (and not-so-polite) conversations with friends, family, and random strangers online. And the answer, at least according to the study in question, is a resounding (no) to carb!

The research in the above article indicates that low carb diets, like ketogenic, are unsafe and should not be recommended to patients. There is a small subset of people who might benefit from low carb diets for a short while but not the average person. They also pointed out that low-carb diets can be effective for weight loss, but not too safe for the long-term use.

Study author Maciej Banach, of the Medical University of Lodz, Poland, said: 

“We found that people who consumed a low carbohydrate diet were at greater risk of premature death. Risks were also increased for individual causes of death including coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancer. These diets should be avoided.”

There is currently not a lot of research into the long-term side effects of Low Carb – High Fat (LCHF) diets. However, some potential risks may include:

  • a higher chance of developing heart disease from eating animal protein and fat
  • increase in the risk of developing chronic diseases
  • nutritional deficiencies

Consuming processed meat is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stomach and colon cancer. Common types of processed meat include sausage, bacon, ham, smoked meat, and beef jerky.

Processed meat contains more advanced glycation end products (AGEs) than most other meats.  AGEs are formed by cooking meats and some other foods at high temperatures. They are known to cause inflammation.

Children and teenagers should not attempt a diet that reduces their carbohydrate intake. Nutritional deficiencies could lead to bone density loss or impaired growth.

After you have read this article and you want to know what nutritional recommendations I suggest to keep your inflammation under control, email me.

People with medical conditions or other concerns should speak to their healthcare provider before starting an LCHF diet.


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