Barbara & Dr. Norm

The Name – Purple Mulch?

  • Humans, like plants, need a foundation of good health to thrive
  • We provide the “mulch” for your human garden with coaching, mentoring and education
  • We work with the whole person – represented by the color Purple
  • Purple Mulch — supports you in choosing your most vital and healthy life

As a gardener, we know the value of healthy soil. Mulch is the thick layer of protective organic matter we put around plants so that the soil below can be ALIVE with microbes, earthworms, and bacteria. These provide food to the roots so the plants can thrive. At Purple Mulch, that’s what we do for people. We suggest the best vitamins and minerals (micro-nutrition), the importance of pro-, pre-, and post-biotics to support a healthy microbiome, and educate on macro-nutrition (proteins, carbs and fats) that will feed their cells (the soil to their health). Hence the name:  Mulch .

Purple is a very powerful, unifying and strong spiritual color. Purple supports the “mulch” — infinite, innate knowing that is in us all. We work with our clients to tap into that knowing for their best health. The color purple can offer these effects: uplifts, calms the mind and nerves, encourages creativity, represents pure thought, connects with infinite consciousness, and offers a sense of spirituality and spiritual understanding.

We are the go-to resource for people who are ready to transform their health. Purple Mulch is where they turn — we are their trusted advisors.